Have you got a spare headset lying around gathering dust?…

Lend Borrow Rent Aviation Equipment

How about all those important and expensive textbooks?

What is FlyTrader?

FlyTrader is a Platform that Allows LENDERS to Make Money from Their Surplus Aviation Equipment and Pilot Related Items for Cash AND Allowing BORROWERS Access to Aviation Equipment at a Fraction of the Price!
FlyTrader rent borrow lend aviation equipment

Why not put them to good use and lend them to others for a portion of the price you bought them for!

It’s a win win… you get a return on your investment and you are potentially helping someone who maybe can’t afford the price of the brand new item, or only requires it/them for a short amount of time!

"FlyTrader is a great idea! I'd be a rich man if I earned money off the books I've lent out and never seen since haha"


How FlyTrader Works



FlyTrader Dynamics

"You only live once, so save cash and fly high with FlyTrader!"