Welcome to Your FLYTRADER! A New Aviation Concept to Help you Fly for Less!

BORROW” and “LEND” Aviation related items delivered straight to your door!

Take-off into Savings!

Have you got a spare headset lying around gathering dust?… how about all those important and expensive textbooks on your bookshelf… why not put them to good use and lend them to others for a portion of the price you bought them for!

It’s a win win… you get a little return on your investment and you are potentially helping someone who maybe can’t afford the price of the brand new item, or only requires it/them for a short amount of time!


FLYTRADER is your central repository for all your aviation needs, from where to find AIRCRAFT TO RENT around Australia, add your own aircraft for FREE! To our Lending shop, where you can lend out all those aviation related pieces of equipment to help others (and yourself!)

We will be looking into “rent to buy” in the near future too. All of this is brand new, and still in development, but we would love your feedback, changes etc that can be made, look forward to hearing from you and of course… TAKE-OFF INTO SAVINGS!


Accessing aviation related items in Australia has never been easier!


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