Have you got a spare headset lying around gathering dust?…

Lend Borrow Rent Aviation Equipment

How about all those important and expensive textbooks?

What is FlyTrader?

FlyTrader is a Platform that Allows LENDERS to Make Money from Their Surplus Aviation Equipment and Pilot Related Items for Cash AND Allowing BORROWERS Access to Aviation Equipment at a Fraction of the Price!

Why not put them to good use and lend them to others for a portion of the price you bought them for! It’s a win win… you get a return on your investment and you are potentially helping someone who maybe can’t afford the price of the brand new item, or only requires it/them for a short amount of time!

"FlyTrader is a great idea! I'd be a rich man if I earned money off the books I've lent out and never seen since haha"


How FlyTrader Works





Create an account on FlyTrader by clicking “Login/Register” button. You can also sign in using your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.



Search FlyTrader for the aviation related items you wish to “Borrow”.



List your aviation related equipment by clicking on the “Lend” button, which will take you straight to your “Flightdeck Dashboard”, where you can “Add Products” such as Headsets.



Check its available for the dates you need or want them for.



Take a picture of your aviation related equipment and set your rental price and add “Bond” for your security.


REGISTER (if you haven’t already)

Create an account on FlyTrader by clicking “Login/Register”.  You can also sign in using your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.



Confirm all the details before you list your aviation related equipment on FlyTrader!



Go to checkout and complete your FlyTrader order, and wait to your aviation related item to arrive straight to your door!

"You only live once, so save cash and fly high with FlyTrader!"