How to Add an Aviation Item to Lend to FlyTrader

Adding your Aviation ITEMS TO FLYTRADER

(The first couple of times you add an item, it could be helpful to have a printed copy of these instructions, and there are many variables to add,  but simple when following these instructions!)

Go to the My Flightdeck Dashboard, and select “Add Product

Add “Product Name”

Add “Product Description”

Choose Product Categories and Tags

Add an Image

Choose Product Type of “Bookable Product

Below in green are all the tabs, you have to chose from:

Step 1 - The "General" Tab

Select the “General” tab

Select “Customer defined blocks of” and select ie 7 days for weekly blocks, or 1 for monthly blocks

Minimum duration “1” block (of 7 days)

Maximum duration “10” blocks (of 7 days)

Select Calendar Range Picker “ticked

Select “Calender always visible

Choose enable “can be cancelled”, which will bring up “requires confirmation”, and “can be cancelled” options

how to add 1 instructions

Step 2 - The "SHIPPING" TaB

Add weight of item (in kg)

Add dimension of items (in cm)

Select Shipping Class “Australia Post” (this is so the Australian Post Plugin can figure out postage cost)

(NOTE: Please ignore the Attributes tab)

instructions for adding shipping


Maximum booking per block – “1

Minimum block bookable – ie “1” (block of 7 days = a week)

Maximum block bookable “999” (days, weeks, months etc – this is the max time you wish to lend your item for)

Require buffer period between bookings “7” (ie 7 days, this allows time to receive and send before next booking)

All dates are “available by default” (if you have limitations select best option)

Check rules against “All blocks being booked” (by default)

Restrict start days “un-enable

image showing how to add availibility to FlyTrader item

Step 4 - The "COSTS" TaB

Base Cost –  ie $5 (enter an amount here if you wish to only charge one amount for the total booking)

Block Cost – ie $7 (this is the cost per block (per 7 day block), that you have set up in the General tab

Display Cost –  ie $2 – this is the amount that is shown in the Borrow area on display

Add Range – you can change the amounts here for each week, ie if someone borrows your item for one month it might cost $10 for first month, and $5 for consecutive months

image showing instructions to add costs to flytrader

Step 5 - The "BOND" TaB

Enable Bond – this should be on by default, as it protects you and your item

Multiply bond by quantity – select if you have multiple items of the same type

Chose a Bond Amount – we recommend approx 25% of new price

Select “Fixed value” or “Percentage of Price

There is no need to save on every tab, but recommend it as good practice, so you don’t have to redo in case of internet outage etc

adding items of flyTrader instructions 1

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