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Come fly(trader) with us… Aviation Rentals with FlyTrader

Did you know that on FlyTrader you can set the “Bond” amount you want! Not only does this help protect your investment, but also assures it’s return! The bond is released by you the lender upon safe return.

Signup and start making $$$ from your surplus aviation related equipment!

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FlyTrader Arrival Time Update

Space Shuttle on the back of a Boeing 747 Jumbo

Ladies and Gentleman…

Haha thank you for waiting, we understand your time is valuable! (airline joke).

Hey anyway, while we are still waiting to hear about the matter of renting textbooks online (pretty sure it is a-ok, but undertaking due diligence just to make sure no ones copyright is breached, which is super important to us),  as we have asked a friend who is a lawyer to assist, the advice has to come when they are free, which is totally understandable, as they are helping as a friend!

We also think it is a prospective new way for owners of copyrighted materials to rent their textbooks out, which may in fact help them to get higher returns too! We hope this may be great for all involved.

Meanwhile there is nothing to stop you adding any other items that you may not be using, like flight bags, headsets etc… and ideas that we haven’t even yet thought of!

Any questions, contact us on Facebook or flick us an email Here

Cheers the FlyTrader team

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Every Listing will be Fee FREE until the end of October 2018

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Because we at FlyTrader are just launching our website and service to you, and looking forward to helping lots of people lend out their surplus aviation items, we have an special launch offer no one can refuse! (well maybe one or two of you!)…

Listing items on FlyTrader is always free, but we do charge a small amount commission to run the business (base fee of $2 plus 5 – 10%) depending on how many items you are listing.

So until the end of October 2018 we are offering all listings free of any fee or commissions!


CatTrader FlyTrader
Shock and Awe at FlyTrader

Create a login and sign-in now HERE and get earning cash from your spare aviation equipment!


FlyTrader Team

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V1, V2, Rotate!

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G’day guys!

Well finally reckon it might be time to introduce FlyTrader to the world!

We still have lots of work to do, but won’t be completely it until we see if this is an idea everyone uses and loves!

First of the big changes if that does happen will be the merging of the two “dashboards”.. its a right royal pain in the you know what, but it will likely cost somewhere in the region of 2.5-3.5k that we don’t currently have! But it is a major priority to put it mildly!

Shop will become easier and more streamlined. We have added the online safety and security of SSL encryption for the whole site, which should mean peace of mind with everything you do with us. Also with the development of the security deposit (Bond!), we believe that FlyTrader will be a safe and great way to lend out your aviation related items, secured in the knowledge that you will see your items again!

The FlyTrader Team

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Welcome Onboard!

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Welcome Onboard FLYTRADER!

FLYTRADER is a new idea, that came to us while we were thinking about what to do with all my billions textbooks, gathering dust on a bookshelf, and all the times we wished we had a certain items but couldn’t afford it and also only wanted it for a short period of time – so we invented FLYTRADER… for us pilots!


FLYTRADER is in its infancy right now, seeing if its something people want!… so with extremely limited developer skills, have managed to get it this far! All of this is a work in progress, that with your feedback, could really be made into something cool!


We are in the process of adding sms alerts, a new better looking “Lending Shop” and Sendle postage options, and if the idea takes off, we will be able to afford to merge the two dashboards that may be a bit confusing but hey its all we have right now!

…but it’s not perfect (by a long shot), and look forward to your support and any ideas going skyward!… and of course if you are having problems, feel free to contact at and we will do our best to assist in fixing it!


We are hoping to add an area shortly to find GA aircraft to hire.


So for now, welcome onboard, sit back and relax and let your surplus aviation related items earn you money without effort… oh and there is nothing to loose, so go ahead and add your items!


Cheers from the team at FLYTRADER