Tips and Tricks

Here you will find hints to how to get the best from FLYTRADER

Super Important for Initial Users!

As website is in its infancy, the are no funds for developers! as a result there are currently two Dashboards, the “My FlightDeck Dashboard” (to add listings, and see how your orders and items are performing, and the “My Account” Dashboard, for updating details, passwords etc


Think about the minimum return of investment you wish for each item you, we recommend approx. 25% of new purchase price, but obviously depends on what it is, and how long its being lent for!… you will know what you feel comfortable with.

Remember to add a return post packet for ease of return – unless you have worked something else out with the Borrower.

“Bond” is set to default on, for comfort and security knowing that it will be returned, it is also there for the more expensive items, its kind of like your own personal insurance that the item will be returned!

We also recommend that your items are covered by insurance, just in case something unforeseeable occurs!


Choose a date range suitable for you – select weekly, monthly and a price per block.

Remember this site is based of trust, so always try to return item on time, as there maybe someone who has booked the next available block of time.